GIST GDM Setup with OCLC codes

As much as we are finding SUNY Geneseo’s Getting It System Toolkit Gift & Deselection Manager v1.2.0.3 extremely useful, there was an unintuitive solution to my initial setup that I certainly want to document before I forget the resolution.

When setting up the fields used to compare selected items to those held at other institutions, you have the option of using OCLC codes or State/Province/Library Types. Being one of the State Universities of New York (SUNY), we wanted to compare items against the collections at the 63 other SUNY institutions. So I filled in every field in the configuration window except the one labeled “Using State/Province and Library Types Will Override OCLC Codes.” Then I clicked Save and Close only to get an error that the configuration was incomplete. After fiddling with it for some time, I decided to choose a state and ignore the warning about overriding OCLC codes. Ta da! It worked and my frustration went *poof*!

Here is what the final solution looked like:

Picture with gdm solution. All fields are filled in.

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