Implementing ILLiad’s webcirc

This spring staff at the circulation desk including all student workers will start to use ILLiad’s web circulation functionality to check out interlibrary loans to users. Technologically, Atlas Systems made this change in work flow relatively easy. With only a few changes to ILLiad’s customization manager, the default webcirc webpages worked great! However, we wanted to eliminate the ability for our student workers to search for users online. After looking at the source code, it seemed relatively easy to delete the user tab. So I did…and then I was getting server errors and the page would no longer load. I did the typical trouble shooting and finally called OCLC who hosts our ILLiad database. They were able to quickly fix the problem and I sheepishly realized my mistake. It turns out that the webcirc pages get updated with every ILLiad upgrade and of course, all the backups and test pages I was working with were designed for the previous version. For this reason Atlas Systems recommends not making any customizations as described in their documentation: .

Despite the fact that our customization will get overwritten with each upgrade, we still chose to delete the user tab from the webcirc pages and just update this change with each upgrade. To do this for version 8.4 we deleted the following section from the default.aspx page <dxtc:TabPage Text=”User”> … </dxtc:TabPage>

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