Campus Delivery Integration Into EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS)

The third technical component of our new campus delivery service involves integrating this service into our discovery layer. This turned out to be fairly easy to implement. Working with EBSCO, I was able to  add a link “Request Item from the Library” that takes users directly to our interlibrary loan login (we use ILLiad).

Campus Delivery Link in EDSWhen users login, they are taken to a pre-filled request form. Open url standards allow information such as title, author, date, and ISxN to transfer between the two systems. In addition, to this basic information, the “Cited In” field is filled in with “EBSCO: (catalog reference within EDS).” I used this information to set up a routing rule so that all requests originated from EDS go directly into “Awaiting Request Processing” in Document Delivery. Because we have a Direct Request rule that automatically processes requests with ISBN’s, I made the EDS Doc Del rule the first routing rule. See below for all the gory details.

Routing Rule "t.CitedIn = 'EBSCO:cat(yourcatalognumber)'"


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