Catalog Records are Appearing in Google Search Results

Well, not the records directly in our ILS, but our records in OCLC. Recently, I noticed that book title searches in Google included entries in the top few pages of results (depending on the book and what you type of course). In many ways this new development is pretty neat and I believe it’s a result of linked data.

OCLC’s developer network has addressed linked data in greater frequency, most recently in a post about Learning Linked Data: Making your Data Harvestable using RDFa. It was this post along with a fellow librarian only days before gripping about marc records and their inability to be found by major search engines that led me to discover this new ‘feature.’

So, I took this discovery as an opportunity to double check our library’s listing within OCLC.

  • Is your basic library information such as address and phone number correct?
  • Are the library website url’s correct?
  • Does the ILL request link work on campus as intended?
  • Does the catalog link for “Find a copy in your library” actually take you to the book?

If the answer is no to any of these, there is good news. All of these fields can be updated through OCLC’s Service Configuration under Worldcat Registry.


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