ILLiad’s Odyssey Helper

Why I haven’t persevered and figured this out until now shall remain a mystery? Those who already use Odyssey Helper already know how valuable this feature can be. Basically, Odyssey Helper reduces monotonous clicks and improves efficiency by allowing scans to be done outside of ILLiad and then sent through Odyssey without touching ILLiad again. No more scanning, then opening the request, clicking “Mark Found, Scan Now”, clicking “Ok” to the Scanner Not Found error message, and finally clicking “Send Via Odyssey.”

Atlas Systems has a nice video on the topic:

The trick for testing with Doc Del that isn’t mentioned in the video or the documentation is that you need to change the “Process Type” to navigate between Lending and Document Delivery. They must be processed separately in Odyssey Helper.

Currently, I’m setting up Odyssey Helper so that the pdf files reside on the library’s shared network folder and Odyssey Helper is open on one designated computer. That way scans/downloads can be done by several individuals on different computers, yet sent from one location.

Note: In version 8.6 Odyssey Helper is morphing into Electronic Delivery Utility.


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