Email Templates – ILLiad

I’m in the process of setting up campus delivery using primarily ILLiad (more on that in a future post) and have found some interesting things regarding email templates in ILLiad 8.4.

In 8.4, email templates can reside and be customized in the Customization Manager. This makes updating emails easy … IF the templates were set up correctly to begin with.

To illustrate, I’m going to use ILLDDLoan as an example which is an email meant to notify users that physical items going through Document Delivery are available for pickup.

Looking at the Customization Manager -> Borrowing -> Email -> ILLDDLoanNotifyEmailFileName, I saw that the default Key Value was set to illddloan.txt. So with the troubleshooting mindset that only a few changes should be made at a time, I incorrectly created a new template in “Email Templates” with the name illddloan.txt. Unfortunately, none of my test emails had the new and correct information. I did some further investigation and found the ILLiad 8.4 Guide to Creating and Editing Email Templates – Default Email Templates. This resource pointed out that several of the email templates that I am interested in changing are stored in the ILLiad database and have a specific file name that does not end in .txt. So in my example the file name should be ILLDDLoanNotify not illddloan.txt.

Correct  Email Template Title

Correct Email Template

I have since made changes to the Email Template names but not the …EmailFileName keys located elsewhere in the Customization Manager. I find it odd that I didn’t have to change the name in both locations, yet am very happy the emails are working well.