Book Scan Station – Error: Disk Full

I’ve gotten several complaints that our Book Scan Station won’t scan and displays an error essentially saying the disk is full. At first I thought the users had very full usb drives, but the error was occurring after a scan but before a user chose to save the document. Looking quickly through the folders on the Book Scan Station’s computer, it didn’t look like anything was being saved to the computer. The problem persisted so I took a more detailed look. The computer said it had 130+ GB of storage but only MB’s remained as free space. So I sought to track down where all the GB’s were getting used. I found the folder of massiveness but no visible folder or document within accounted for the insane size. So I found the option to show hidden folders and presto! There was 123 GB of scan preview images stashed in Documents and Settings\Administration\Local Settings\Temp. I deleted over 30,000 files and emptied the recycle bin. Problem solved!