Follow up to last year’s post on Lua script errors in ILLiad

A new year, potentially a new budget line and I was getting a Lua Script Error for the GIST Aquasitions/Purchasing Addon again. See my previous post about installing gist addons for the original discussion on this error. It looks like every year / budget cycle  needs a budget line to avoid the error.

Installing GIST addons

We are implementing the Getting It System Toolkit (GIST) at our library and the directions on the GIST website are very helpful. However, I did run into a slightly confusing setup issue involving some of the ILLiad addons related to GIST.

So, I followed the steps outlined on the GIST website to install the acquisitions manager. OCLC added the GIST database tables to ILLiad (Step 1). I installed GIST webpages to begin testing (Step 2) and then I installed the following addons to our networked addon directory: GIST for Web, GIST Database Manager, GIST Acquisitions Addon (Step 3). Then I opened the ILLiad client to make sure the addons installed correctly. The GIST Database Manager showed up just fine but when I went to open a record I got the following Lua Script error:

Could not execute Lua script. An error occured in the 'Init' method. Addon Name: GIST Acquisitions/Purchasing Addon; Error: A .NET exception occured in user-code

My first reaction was that the addon installation was corrupt in some way, but that was not the case. It turns out that one needs to move on to the next step, Configuring the Database Manager, before the addons will work. In particular, there needs to be at least one budget line created in order for the GIST Acquisitons/Purchasing addon to add the “GIST Acquisitions Addon” and “GIST Purchase Addon” tabs without causing an error. Once a budget line is created, you can update and configure the database manager at your leisure with causing errors for other folks.