What to Update when your Static IP Addresses Change

Situation – Your IT department changes some of your campus’s static IP ranges, what might this mean for library systems and/or electronic resource management?

You might have to update your IP addresses with the following:

  • Journal and database vendors (either through admin portals or emailing support)
  • Discovery layers, electronic management systems, and link resolvers (I’m including this in case yours uses IP ranges)
  • EZ Proxy (the range is needed to determine whether to display the login or not)
  • FTP access (if it’s your IP address and you FTP into servers, you may need to contact those providers if you can no longer login. ILLiad is a good example.)
  • Email Settings (a static IP may have been assigned to your ILS email functionality)
  • Institutional Repository (ex: BePress can limit access to some items based on IP address)
  • Other systems where you enabled IP authentication or analytics (ex: Springshare products)

No list is exhaustive but this is a good starting point.