Emailing Patron Notices Automatically in Aleph

Once a service like overdue letters is set up to generate in the job list, the result can be automatically emailed/printed  using Aleph’s print daemon. This awesomeness eliminates the need for someone to manually go into Aleph and select and email/print the report.

To set automatic emailing/printing, you need

  • a service running in the job list
  • the ability to email from Aleph (if you want to email)

Also, ignore the Ex Libris documentation on the print daemon. It’s not very descriptive.

In the Aleph Circulation module navigate to the print daemon screen located in the Admin Tab.

  • Select the print ID (I’m using printer01)
  • Select the library your service is running from (ex: xxx50 for overdue notices)
  • Click Activate
  • The Print Daemon will open
  • Navigate to the Task Manager
  • Make sure your printing preferences are set to “Normal Printing” and “Mail”

In the job list (alephe/tab/job_list), add a target print ID in column 4. Again, I’m using printer01.

Image of Print ID in column 4 in Aleph's job list

Now, restart your job daemon to activate your new settings.

Voila! The service should automatically email users or print to the computer’s default printer at the time specified in the job list.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Leave the computer on and keep Aleph and the print daemon open.
  • If the computer shuts down, no worries! Restart Aleph and the print daemon. Any service output set for the print daemon’s target print ID will email/print upon the activation of the print daemon.
  • I find it helpful to have Aleph open at start-up and the print daemon to activate when the Aleph client is opened.