Insuffucient Memory Printer Error

We have an old HP LaserJet 4000 Series PS on the network that will often print the first few lines of a document but every other page will say

This job requires more memory than is available in this printer.

Try one or more of the following, and then print again:

– For the output format, choose Optimize for Portability.

– In the Device Settings page, make sure the Available PostScript Memory is accurate.

– Reduce the number of fonts in the document.

– Print the document in parts.

Well, in our case, this happens even when the printer is Optimized for Portability and the last two options are irrelevant since the printer won’t even print a full one page document. In addition, the Printer Settings are controlled elsewhere and individuals only have the ability to specify Printing Preferences.

So to solve the issue, I found that going into Printing Preferences and changing the PostScript Option “TrueType Font Download Option” to Bitmap from Automatic solved our problem. The only glitch is that everyone using the printer needs to make these adjustments. Thankfully we only have a few people using it.image described in text