Booking Requests in Aleph: A Solution for Key Reservations

Briefly, our library checks out a key to a public speaking lab where students can work on presentation skills. I was asked if there was a way to prevent students from checking the key out when tutors are scheduled to be in the room. After some looking, I discovered that a lot of libraries were using Aleph’s booking feature to reserve rooms. This is not surprising but interesting because Aleph’s documentation refers to reserve material and holds when detailing booking requests.

The simple setup seems to be working fine so far. I say simple because I didn’t need to implement the online reservation calendar. The bookings are just made on the backend and no one but the tutors can check out the key during and just before scheduled tutoring sessions.

I just want to note which files I updated in our 50 library for future reference.

  • tab15
  • tab37_booking_pickup
  • tab_delivery_locations.eng
  • tab_booking
  • tab_100

After updating these files, don’t forget to restart the server.