How to stop displaying inactive course reserves online

Our staff started using Aleph’s course reserve module this past summer and now the online search tool is loaded with fall courses and suppressed items. So the question was posed to me (again) on how we could just show active courses.

The simple answer is that you delete inactive courses and items no longer getting used.

However, if you want to keep some of the course information in your system, you have a few options. Here’s what needs to be done to eliminate outdated material from showing up in your course reserve (xxx30 library) search.

If you don’t want the course to show up in the results, you need to do one of the following:

  • the course needs to be deleted or
  • the period needs to be set to NA (not active), the end date needs to be in the past, and all items associated with that course removed from the course’s Doc List

If you don’t want the item to show up in the search results,

  • Library owned books from your main collection – remove the item from the course doc list
  • Dirty records for personal reserves not owned by your library – the item needs to be deleted (but don’t forget to grab usage statistics first!). You might be tempted to suppress the item but the title will still show up in the search results because the item is still attached to a bib record.

– A special thanks to LACUNY reserves roundtable for sharing their 2009 meeting minutes. Very helpful information.